Idea Werks is a creative studio that helps small to medium sized companies deliver their message in an effective and powerful way. We provide marketing consulting that uncovers your value proposition and builds a plan to leverage that value through cost effective means such as public relations and acquiring free press. A brand strategy can also be developed to help revitalize or enhance your current image.

Through video production, your company can utilize You Tube and other video websites to spread your message globally. We produce corporate videos, training, product launch, product demonstrations, and trade show filming. Film production will help enhance your brand awareness to a world of eager consumers.

Animation, in 2D and 3D, will help explain your product or service in a more effective manner where live action video is not possible. Your brand will be enhanced by stunning visualizations only created in a world of make believe.  Our artists are former Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera animators that can bring to life your offerings in a way not possible in the real world.

Aerial videos can capture amazing live action video not possible using traditional means. Aerial views of your company’s exterior building, internal shots, or walk-throughs of a process or manufacturing setting can enhance an existing corporate video. Whether you need aerial view of a project or construction site, golf course, real estate, or dynamic scenes of cities, mountains, deserts, or oceans, this aerial technology can deliver amazing visual images.

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Aerial Video